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Vite aims to provide out-of-the-box support for common web development patterns. Before searching for a Vite or Compatible Rollup plugin, check out the Features Guide. A lot of the cases where a plugin would be needed in a Rollup project are already covered in Vite.

Check out Using Plugins for information on how to use plugins.

Official Plugins


  • Provides Vue 3 Single File Components support.



  • Provides Vue 2.7 Single File Components support.



  • Uses esbuild and Babel, achieving fast HMR with a small package footprint and the flexibility of being able to use the Babel transform pipeline. Without additional Babel plugins, only esbuild is used during builds.


  • Replaces Babel with SWC during development. During builds, SWC+esbuild are used when using plugins, and esbuild only otherwise. For big projects that don't require non-standard React extensions, cold start and Hot Module Replacement (HMR) can be significantly faster.


  • Provides legacy browsers support for the production build.

Community Plugins

Check out awesome-vite - you can also submit a PR to list your plugins there.

Rollup Plugins

Vite plugins are an extension of Rollup's plugin interface. Check out the Rollup Plugin Compatibility section for more information.

Released under the MIT License. (d72fdabd)